Sunday, October 14, 2007

KOICA -Kyungpook National University (KNU) 2007

One month of complete excitements, new friendships and a lot of knowledge. An Adventure extended though Soulful Seoul Happy Sowan & Colourful Daegu I express my deep sense of appreciations & thanks for KOICA & Kyungpook National University for the generosity and kindness extended to us during the course of the study .

My best regards to all the participants 0f the course on Horticultural Crop Production June 19 to July 18, 2007. Organized by The International Agricultural Training Centre Kyungpook National University

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Collaboration with India 2004-2005

Perhaps part of my endless love towards India and may be due to the fact that India presents a world class Education and friendly environments for foreign scholars. Perhaps for all of these ,We have taking a strategic decision to be involve with Indian Institute in a collaborative work. As a former graduate of Indian Institutes, I have been appointed to put the headlines for this plan. As a result, major Indian Institutes has been involved with Sudan and AAU during 2004-2005.We have recorded the highest number of scholars in India during 04-2007. The institutes are:

CMC Limited -India

Tata Infotech-India

International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad

National Institute of Small Industry Extension Training – Hyderabad

Monday, April 2, 2007

Marowe Dam

Marowe Dam is the first direct contribution towards creating development and growth in the Northern State of Sudan. This state is the Birth place of one of the oldest African civilization Cush .Cush has been mentioned in the Holly Bible several times. I had the honored to visit the construction site and to mingle with my ancestor on our land of origin, breathing some of the ancient civilization of Sudan. The visit was on the honor of The Korean and Bulgarian Delegations visiting AAU-Sudan.

Academic office AAU-Sudan

I have been appointed as head of Academic office –Faculty of Agriculture -Al Zaeim Al Azhari University since March 2005.I have worked with several dedicated staff member of the faculty of Agriculture –Sudan. We have engineered one of the most successful Academic offices in Al Zaeim Alzhari University. I would like to thanks them of my heart for the support and companionship they provided to me during this period.

Prof Ali El Sayed Ali

Dr Abdallal Margani

Dr Izeldin Mohammed Kheir

Dr Awad El Geid El Kabashi

Dr Omer Abdel Mahmoud

Dr Yassir Ahmed

Dr Hani El Talib

Mr Housam Abdalla

Ms Bashieria

Ms Amani

Ms Reihab

Ms Monira